Sunday, April 10, 2011

FL33t Foxes- S/T EP (2006) MP3 & FLAC

"Beneath the icicle tusk, you and me among the flattering dusk."

Two years before the release of their debut LP for Sub-Pop, Fleet Foxes issued an eponymous self-released EP, which was only distributed in the Seattle area. Produced by Seattle music scene veteran Phil Ek, the sound of Fleet Foxes will come as a surprise to those who have only heard their more recent work. While Robin Pecknold's vocals only occasionally flash with the brilliance that marks the later Sub-Pop recordings, the overall sound seems a little more rough-hewn and Jazz inflected. One of the obvious highlights is "Icicle Tusk," which is the only song that attempts the kind of vocal harmonizing that would soon become their trademark. However, the true gem here is "Anyone Who's Anyone" with its spaghetti-western guitar lick and charging energy; it is a worthy precursor to what came next.

Fleet Foxes EP
1. She Got Dressed  (3:29)
2. In the Hot, Hot Rays  (3:05)
3. Anyone Who's Anyone  (3:50)
4. Textbook Love  (3:25)
5. So Long to the Headstrong  (4:16)
6. Icicle Tusk  (4:38)


  1. Thanks - Fleet Foxes really have an interesting sound. Glad to hear that multi-part vocals are back in bands (Grizzly Bear, Local Natives). Can't wait for their new release in May.


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