Friday, April 29, 2011

Portishead- Numb EP (1994) / Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me) EP (1994) MP3 & FLAC

"'Cause nobody loves me, it's true, not like you do."

The Numb and Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me) EPs house the first two singles culled from Portishead's stunningly original debut, Dummy. Comprised of both non-LP tracks and significantly different versions of the title tracks, these EPs provide an interesting and often rewarding addendum to the album proper. On the Numb EP, "Numbed in Moscow" treats the title track to a cooler, more emotionally detached mix, while "A Tribute to Monk & Canatella" takes Portishead in a noir-jazz direction; the results are mixed, but it's never anything less than intriguing. The clear highlight on the Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me) EP is "Theme from 'To Kill a Deadman'," one of the best non-LP tracks Portishead has lingering in the backwaters of its discography.

Numb EP
1. Numb  (3:55)
2. Numbed in Moscow  (3:54)
3. Revenge of the Number  (3:22)
4. Earth Linger  (4:12)
5. A Tribute to Monk & Canatella  (11:01)

Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me) EP (U.S. Version)
1. Sour Times  (3:25)
2. Numbed in Moscow  (3:53)
3. A Tribute to Monk & Canatella  (10:59)
4. Theme from "To Kill a Dead Man"  (4:25)
5. Airbus Reconstruction  (5:09)


  1. woooow, never heard of this EPs, thank you!

  2. senn_heiser, there are a few gems on these EPs; enjoy!

  3. You're in good company senn_heiser - I'd never even heard of these either.

    So once again voixautre, you earn my gratitude.

    Michael Too

  4. there's also an EP for "Glory Box," but it repeats a lot of the tracks already found on these releases

  5. This is very welcome - THANKS!

  6. Yes, fab up Voixautre -- a slightly less compressed version of 'To Kill a Dead man' than on the Glory Times album (for those who care about sycj things!)


  7. Palaeo7, that's good to know, thanks!

  8. Thanks very much! I had no idea these versions existed! You've made my day!!


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