Monday, July 4, 2011

Lou Reed & John Cale- "Berlin" (1972) Live at Bataclan

Amazing footage of Lou doing "Berlin" during a Velvets re-union of sorts. And in case you're curious, yes, that's Nico in the background.


  1. I inherited this vinyl, but I still haven't heared it. I think it's soooo depressing I would hang myself in the kitchen.

  2. I've got a TV Rip of (part) of the Bataclan show, from a russian torrent site (
    01. Interview with Robert Wyatt
    02. Berlin
    03. I'm Waiting For The Man
    04. Heroin
    05. Ghost Story
    06. Femme Fatale
    07. I'm Not Sayin' (Nico's promo clip, 1965)

  3. Dave, it might be worth checking out. There's a great version of "Heroin" and Nico singing "Femme Fatale." You could make sure the ropes to the laundry rack are out of reach.

  4. ivvvvvvvi, thank you; I look into that

  5. If you need I can upload it somewhere (about 800mb). It's the least I can do after all the great music I've found in your blog. By the way, thanks!

  6. ivvvvvvvi, no need. I already found it on rutracker. thanks again!


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