Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Verve- "Slide Away" (1992) Live, Camden

In its heyday, this band put its contemporaries to shame, and yes, this includes Radiohead, Blur, Pulp, etc. Verve live was nothing less than a fucking religious experience.


  1. 0 comments? Criminal. This is one of the best shoegaze songs anyone will ever hear. Verve's live semi-official bootleg Voyager 1 is fantaztic.

  2. summer freeze, thank you. I was a little surprised about the lack of response to this post as well. Verve are/were second to none. What did you think of "Forth"?

  3. a bit late, but I enjoyed forth. wasn't as good as the other albums and I would've liked more songs like "sit and wonder" that had the special verve, psychedelic vibe. but it has some good songs, like apalachian skies.


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