Sunday, July 10, 2011

If You're Having Trouble Accessing Megaupload Link Pages, Here's Why

Hello dear readers,

It has come to my attention that the link protection service,, is down, and has been so since yesterday. As a result, when you click on one of the download links on this and any other blogs that protect links using this service, you get the dreaded "unable to connect" page. Since I have no way of knowing when or even if this problem will be rectified, I am considering switching to another link protection service. Please be patient and also let me know if you are experiencing this difficulty in accessing the download links :)

UPDATE: it seems that is having intermittent server problems but seems to be up and running now. If you run into problems downloading. Try again a little later.


  1. Hey!

    I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I was unable to get to any of the links yesterday and today, but I checked just now (7:30 PM EST) and they are working.

    Love your blog...I'm very excited to see some things here (Czars, Cope) that I haven't seen elsewhere...


  2. Eric, thank you. Good to have you with us. I'm glad to know the links are finally working again. Let me know if there's something in particular that you are looking for that isn't posted here. Also, please hit the "follow" button when you get the chance, thanks!

  3. fingers crossed its just a one off glitch. is an excellent choice because Cryptload is able to effectively auto decode your links with no problems.
    Which means it's a cinch to stack up a queue of links to download unattended.

    Other link-protector sites aren't so user friendly and deliberately prevent crypload
    working properly with them,
    meaning it's back to the tedious grind of being stuck in front of the computer for hours on end
    to manually enter each protected link.


  4. Anon., it seems to be working fine now. I would hate to ever have to change link protector services because has been extremely reliable. And, as you mentioned, it has some nice advantages. Thanks for the comment!

  5. In Malaysia, where I live these days, Megaupload is blocked. Is why I have bought Easy Hide IP, which works flawless.

  6. peter, Malaysia, interesting. What's that like? I use a similar service for certain downloads. Mine works great too

  7. Megaupload blocked in Malaysia....because we,leech don't say thanks......

  8. Malaysian Gov. agency -Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC) did block 10 download server/filesharing sites :
    1. Http://
    2. Http://
    3. Http://
    4. Http://
    5. Http://
    6. Http://
    7. Http://
    8. Http://
    9. Http://
    10. Http://
    Government sucks here...but no place like home..

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