Sunday, July 3, 2011

Joy Division- "She's Lost Control" (1979) Live, John Peel Show

Just because...


  1. I love the way Peter Hook holds his bass.
    Poor Ian Curtis, I feel sorry for him! He was expressing his despair through the lyrics of his songs and nobody was aware of it. I'm sure he wasn't the monster Deborah Curtis depicted in her book "Touching from a distance".


  2. married too young, in the iron grip of a terrible illness, and immersed into a public lifestyle he was emotionally unprepared for, I'd say Curtis had a lot on his plate (so to speak). I feel sorry for his wife, but there's no way he was a monster. He was a kid who saw no way out of his misery.

  3. Great band!Did you hear Joy Division's ''Les Bains Douches 18th Dec 1979''?1 of the greatest live albums ever for me.

  4. sunday, funny you should mention that one. I'm planning a double post soon featuring that album and the Preston show. Good to hear from you!
    p.s. I agree, the Dec. 79 album is amazing :)


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