Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shearwater- "Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five" (2006) Live, KUT's Retread Sessions, Austin, TX

Water birds have always been a favorite of mine. It has something to do with their ability to adapt to radically different conditions as well as their grace and beauty. A shearwater is a majestic long-winged migratory sea bird. Shearwater is a majestic, multi-talented Austin-based indie band.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Great to seem them perform with a "drummer"

  2. Issi, you're welcome. There are a few more clips from this session on youtube, all of which are quite interesting

  3. I couldn't take my eyes of the fly on the mic. Which, btw, I think would be a great name for a band.

  4. okay, what about the title of A Fly on the Mic's first LP?

    #1: "A Pile in the Sun"
    #2: "Maggot Melodies"
    #3: "Insect Sex"

  5. #4: "Stain on the Swatter"
    #5: "Buzzy The Wing"
    #6: "Cow Chips and Beer"
    #7: "Ding Dung"


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