Monday, June 6, 2011

Dramarama- Cinéma Vérité (1985) MP3 & FLAC

"Does she make you buy her jewelry? Does she make you speak in tongues? Does she tell you about her brother whose got liquid in his lungs?"

Dramarama's debut album, Cinéma Vérité, was originally a French-only release, as an earlier EP had garnered the band a good amount of interest in Europe, resulting in a record deal with the French New Rose label. Not long after, the influential L.A. disc jockey and underground pop-culture maven Rodney Bingenheimer began playing songs from the album on his weekly radio show (rumor has it that he initially thought these New Jersey boys were French). On the strength of "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)," a torrid Glam-inspired break-up song that instantaneously transformed Dramarama into cult icons, the band was invited, with the help of Bingenheimer, to fly out to L.A. to play a show at The Roxy in Hollywood. What followed was a permanent move to Southern California, a domestic re-release of Cinéma Vérité, and a lot of effusive praise emanating from Indie/underground music circles. Taken on its own terms, Cinéma Vérité is, first and foremost, a fine piece of glammy Power-Pop that harbors a number of gems beyond its iconic centerpiece. On "Scenario," for instance, the band mixes the snarling pop sensibilities of The Psychedelic Furs with the rough-edged glam of Mott the Hoople. Another standout is "Questions?," featuring a great embittered vocal performance from John Easdale and some memorable guitar-work from Mr. E Boy and Peter Wood. The album ends with a stunner, the ballad "Emerald City," which consists of a loping acoustic guitar strum, tinkling piano notes, and Easdale pushing his voice into the upper register to great affect. A beautiful way to end an amazing debut that stands as one of the essential indie-rock albums of the eighties.

Cinéma Vérité (1995 Rhino Expanded Edition)
 1. Visiting the Zoo  (4:01)
 2. Question?  (3:15)
 3. Scenario  (4:17)
 4. Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)  (3:24)
 5. Femme Fatale  (3:15)
 6. Candidate  (3:19)
 7. Some Crazy Dame  (3:48)
 8. Etc.  (3:54)
 9. Transformation  (3:26)
10. All I Want  (2:26)
11. Emerald City  (3:10)
-Bonus Tracks-
12. Punishment (Original Unedited Demo)  (5:50)
13. Some Crazy Dame (Demo)  (3:44)
14. Etc. (Early Solo Demo)  (3:39)
15. Want Her to Stay (Demo)  (4:00)
16. Pretend (Demo)  (2:07)
17. You Drive Me  (2:51)
18. A Fine Example  (2:11)
19. If Looks Could Kill (Demo)  (2:58)


  1. Thank you so much! I've been looking for the Dramarama discs. If you have their other titles, feel free to post! Thanks again.

  2. nevets13, thank you for your comment. I'm planning on posting a lot of their material over the coming days/weeks/months. Such a great, under-appreciated band. I'll post another one soon :)

  3. Psychedelic Furs AND Mott The Hoople? I look forward to this series thanks mate!

  4. scurfie, I think you'll like this band. I'll post more soon :)

  5. Hey thanks. This is Jeff by the way, not anonymous. Google won’t let me leave a comment for some reason, it’s being flaky.
    I’ve been trying to get a good copy of this for quite a long time. I really need to just find a hard copy to buy, I already know I love it.

  6. Jeff, good to hear from you. This Rhino version with the bonus tracks is very pricey. I'll be posting the Rhino version of "Box Office Bomb" soon

  7. fukin' ell! where HAVE you been! A veritable U.S. kindred spirit [of sorts]. This is a treasure trove of past memories & future wonders. What a glorious blog [some1 should have thought up a less derisory term than "blog" doncha think]! Keep up the wonerful can never hear enough new sounds & your introductions are great. thanks

  8. malenka2000, thank you! It's interesting that you mention your distaste for the term "blog." I have thought the same thing many times. It does absolutely no justice to the possibilities of such a website. I loved your comment; it went straight to the heart of what I am trying to accomplish on luna. Kindred spirits indeed! I would be honored if you could hit the 'join this blog' button :)

  9. Belated thanks for this - pretty damn good!


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