Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robert Zimmerman- George Jackson EP (1971) MP3

"I woke up this morning. There were tears in my bed. They killed a man I really loved. Shot him through the head."

The song "George Jackson" is a little-known Gospel-style folk gem relegated to a dusty corner of Dylan's immense discography. Released as a single in late 1971, it is somewhat dated lyrically (in a way Dylan's work rarely is) but a great, memorable song just the same. I first heard the Band Version of the song on the Australian compilation Masterpieces and was never able to find it anthologized anywhere else. I suspect that Dylan might not be eager to resurrect this song for one of the Official Bootleg compilations because it is very uncharacteristic of his post-Folk career. Rarely did Dylan make political statements this straightforward after 1964 and certainly not this topical. In addition, the subject of the song was a Black Panther accused of murdering a prison guard at Soledad Prison in 1970; Jackson had become something of a "cause célèbre" at the time, attracting the attention of many artists and celebrities. The single contained two versions of the song: an Acoustic Version (which is amazing) and the Band Version (complete with Gospel back-up singers). These MP3s are a rip (unfortunately not my own) of the original vinyl single.

George Jackson EP (Original Vinyl)
1. George Jackson (Acoustic Version)  (3:40)
2. George Jackson (Band Version)  (5:35)


  1. Great post! Thank you.

  2. you're welcome! Thanks for the comment. Some day I'll find a FLAC version of this and I'll post it. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see posted on The Killing Moon.


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