Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest (2010) Japanese Edition (Bonus Tracks) MP3 & FLAC

"When there is no law, you've done nothing wrong. You can't take too long making up songs."

I loved the earlier abstract Noise-Rock incarnation of this Atlanta band's sound; however, nothing prepared me for Halcyon Digest. Their first album for 4AD seems to represent a move away from the Lo-Fi aesthetic of their earlier work, replacing it, at least to some degree, with a more produced, more sparsely constructed sound. While their experimental tendencies are still evident, these songs work their magic in ways not evident in Deerhunter's earlier work, such as song-craft (particularly lyrics) and in Bradford Cox's vocal contributions. Halcyon Digest is easily one of the best albums of 2010.

Halcyon Digest (Japanese Edition)
 1. Earthquake  (5:00)
 2. Don't Cry  (2:49)
 3. Revival  (2:13)
 4. Sailing  (4:59)
 5. Memory Boy  (2:08)
 6. Desire Lines  (6:44)
 7. Basement Scene  (3:41)
 8. Helicopter  (4:58)
 9. Fountain Stairs  (2:37)
10. Coronado  (3:19)
11. He Would Have Laughed  (8:00)
-Bonus Tracks-
12. Rhythm  (2:55)
13. Colorscale  (5:09)


  1. what is the password ?

  2. Hi, my apologies for forgetting to add the password. It is killingmoonmusic

  3. Augusts1, my pleasure; keep coming back!

  4. Very interested to hear the bonus tracks on this one, I’ve had the album for some time but haven’t yet heard the bonus material.

  5. Hi Jeff, they're good; definitely worth having.

  6. brilliant, thanks a lot :))


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