Thursday, December 23, 2010

Four Tet- Rounds (2003) MP3 & FLAC -Links Sadly Removed-

There is something ironically organic about Kieran Hebden's laptop excursions into sound manipulation. For example, unlike many of his "bedroom composer" peers, Hebden has a gift for composing songs built around memorable melodies, which gives Rounds the outward sheen of accessibility, but fear not, paradox awaits just below the surface for those with ears to hear. Part of this has to do the role acoustic instruments and sounds play in the compositions; so much so that Four Tet is sometimes saddled with the awkward label, "Folktronica." Such labels are symptomatic of a music that defies labels. Yes, this is Electronic, and I guess it could be called experimental (whatever this is supposed to mean), but there is something so much more going on here.

 1. Hands  (5:41)
 2. She Moves She  (4:42)
 3. First Thing  (1:14)
 4. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth  (5:07)
 5. Spirit Fingers  (3:22)
 6. Unspoken  (9:31)
 7. Chia  (0:33)
 8. As Serious as Your Life  (4:49)
 9. And They All Looked Broken Hearted
10. Slow Jam  (5:18)

MU: Lossy (MP3@320) (Link Removed by Blogger Edict)

MU: Lossless (FLAC) (Link Removed by Blogger Edict)

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  1. I came across a lonely track from this album on my old computer. Not sure what happen to the cd i purchased back in 03 i set out on a google search which led me here. Now i get to enjoy this album as i ride my bicycle along the california coast.

    thanks z

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. You've inspired me to listen to Rounds the next time I go jogging (which doesn't compare to bicycling on the coast, but I do have some California mountains). Let me know if there's something else you would like to see posted. I will be posting more Four Tet and other Electronic artists in the future.

  3. Thanks voixautre, i was also looking to replace this album. Nice blog.

  4. Also thanks for the Exquisite Corpse E.P. - i really love that Warpaint band.

  5. Good to hear from you thestarry. I'm a huge fan of your blog, which was, in many ways, a big inspiration for The Killing Moon. Would love to find my way onto the we like it lossless! blogroll at some point; you are on mine, cheers

  6. Hey mate, thats you added to the blogroll.. Glad you like our little blog aswell. :)

  7. Links have been removed by Blogger due to a DMCA takedown notice. My apologies to those of you finding this post too late.


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