Monday, January 2, 2012

The Hot Dogs- Say What You Mean (1973) Japanese Remaster (Roots of Power Pop Series) MP3 & FLAC

JVC Victor Japan ~ 2003/1973

The Hot Dogs were a Memphis power-pop band and label-mates with Big Star at Ardent Records in the early seventies. While lacking the edgy off-center quality of the legendary work of Chris Bell and Alex Chilton, The Hot Dogs' brand of power-pop was more obviously influenced by Memphis soul. Lead guitarist and producer Terry Manning did a wonderful job of giving this album the same sumptuous sound that is found on Big Star's debut (which he also had a hand in creating). A rare Memphis power-pop gem that you don't want to miss if you like Big Star.

Say What You Mean  (Japanese Remaster) in FLAC:  Grab, Try, Then Buy!

 MP3 (320kbps)


  1. Dr Hank, my pleasure. More Ardent power-pop rarities coming in future posts

  2. How to download the MP?

  3. Anon., click on the link called "MP3 (320KBPS)"

  4. any chance you could repost, rapidshare, filepost etc? Thanks! Nice blog, love rare stuff!


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