Thursday, January 12, 2012

J0y D1v1sion- The Complete BBC Recordings (2000) MP3 & FLAC

Strange Fruit ~ 2000

The Complete BBC Recordings 

      Download in FLAC     


  1. Thank you! You've seriously brightened my days since I found your blog a week or two back. A few years back, almost every CD I owned (a few hundred) was stolen out of my car, which totally put me off music in general, since it took like 18 years to amass all that. But now I'm able to listen to a lot of my old faves again, as well as check out some new (to me) stuff. Thanks again for reigniting my passion for music.

  2. out of the blue, the cd gods told me to put joy division on earlier this week... great blog x

  3. Jack Tripper, you're welcome. If you have certain albums that you lost and would like to see posted here or on Plastic Palace People, please let me know

  4. Trashsparkle, more JD coming soon

  5. Thank you very much (as always), voixautre.

  6. Any chance of re-uploading it on mediafire or rapidshare now that megaupload is down? Would be much appreciated!


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