Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gang of Four- Shrinkwrapped (1995) MP3 & FLAC -For Jonathan-

Castle ~ 1995

Shrinkwrapped  in FLAC:  Grab, Try, Then Buy!


  1. Holy CRAP! This is shockingly excellent. I forgot about GOF 10 years or more ago. All I can say is thanks for posting this gem.

  2. scurfie, glad I could contribute this one. You were right, by the way, she called to apologize

  3. Not the GOF best album (the first two are insourmontable) but a good one.
    Thank you for share voix.

  4. Many thanks, Voixautre. Been too long since I heard this.

  5. Nice one for posting this - I have a copy but I'll grab this too. Not many people talk about this didn't even get a full review in N.M.E...just a few words in the sidebar...a few years later and everyone was falling over themselves to namedrop G.O.F.


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