Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Associates- "Those First Impressions" Video (1984)

One of the most unique bands to emerge out of the initial Post-Punk melee, this video catches The Associates in New Romantic mode, but Billy Mackenzie's voice is one for the ages no matter what the context. Everything you could ever want from this band is coming soon...


  1. Thank You. I saw The Associates live ('85 tour with The Cure) at Milan.

  2. surf60, sounds like it was a great show, The Associates toured with The Cure several times, including in 1979.

  3. Never bettered...luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv Billy. For some fantastic rareties go to Whippet at the Wheel and while away a few hours on greatness.
    Thanks again

  4. Finally a band I don't like! lol ; )

  5. malenka2000, Hi, yes, I've visited the website before. I will post the link when I post all the albums tonight or tomorrow morning.

  6. scurfie, you might want to check out the early stuff when I post it. It's much more post-punk than the song in the video

  7. I took in the Associates on the 79 Cure Tour
    Affectionate Punch is up there for me, still
    But the tracks on 4th Drawer down are top drawer
    I remember every one of them coming out one by one
    I Was obsessed, Sound, style, Dancing, they ruled
    the world for me in the situ 2 days!
    Then, 'party fears two' the rest of the world realised!the secret was out
    BBC Session It's beter this way ohhhh! wow!
    It makes me shiver with all the good Things!

  8. John, wow, The Cure and The Associates in '79. That must have been amazing. "Fourth Drawer Down" is one of my favorites too


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