Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Long Ryders- "I Had a Dream" Video (1984)

An absolutely scorching piece of Byrds-meet-Punk brilliance. Incidentally, this video (The Long Ryders' first by the way) was filmed in my hometown.


  1. ..and they had the best haircuts of the Paisleys.

  2. Fabulous song. Great Byrds hairdos.

  3. I had forgotten how good this was. Am I right in suspecting that this is an appetizer for a post with their first album?

    A band that isn't really Paisley, but sort of related, are The Pontiac Brothers. Any chance of them appearing here?

  4. Dr Hank, yes, I will be posting the new 2011 remaster of "Native Sons" next in the Paisley series. Also, I'll post some Pontiac Bros in the series soon


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