Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paisley Underground Series, #28: 28th Day- The Complete Recordings (2003) MP3 & FLAC

"You sing a song of love and crucify all the words. You pray to god for hope
when all the while, you're going backwards."

Hailing from Chico, a small Northern California college-town that was one of the lesser-known corners of the eighties-era paisley scene, 28th Day was several cuts above the plethora of neo-psych and Jangle-Pop bands that then littered the landscape, as they featured Cole Marquis' darkly evocative guitar-work (reminiscent of Karl Precoda of The Dream Syndicate) and a young Barbara Manning who would later go on to become a well-loved and semi-legendary fixture on the S.F. music scene. While 28th Day was fated to only remain together long enough to release a self-titled mini-album on Enigma Records (produced by Russ Tolman of True West), in doing so, they managed to leave behind what is simultaneously one of the best neo-psych albums of the eighties, and one of the most under-appreciated albums associated (albeit marginally) with the paisley movement. 28th Day was Manning's first tour of duty in a band and Marquis was not much more than a neophyte himself as they set about searching for their distinctively folky, post-punky, psych-drenched sound. Marquis: "We were so green in the beginning, we could hardly play, but we all believed in what we were doing. We were having fun, and we didn't hold anything back. We made up for the lack of skill with energy, fear, alcohol and faith." What skill deficiencies the band may have had at the time seem completely irrelevant on songs such as "25 Pills," the lead track on 28th Day, a somber Jangle-Pop gem about drug addiction that pushes close to the brand of melancholia that Joy Division specialized in. And then there's the beautiful "Burnsite," featuring Marquis and Manning's hauntingly intertwined vocals and a paranoia-inducing arrangement (including screams from Manning) that it occasionally reminiscent of David Roback's Opal. Nevertheless, what sets 28th Day apart is their ability to mix in a song such as "Lost," a folky garage-rocker that should have become a paisley anthem, but instead was fated, like the band itself, to footnote status. Manning: "How Do I explain it? We were very young. It was our first band. We thought we were the best band in the world. We started to hate each other. Isn't it only natural?"

The Complete Recordings
(Innerstate ~ 2003)

 1. 25 Pills (3:24) 
 2. Where the Bears Sing  (3:27)
 3. This Train  (2:36)
 4. I'm Only Asking  (4:17)
 5. Dead Sinner  (3:56)
 6. Pages Turn  (4:31)
 7. Lost  (3:27)
 8. Burnsite  (3:54)
 9. Instrumental #1  (3:22)
10. Holiday  (4:11)
11. Stones of Judgement  (3:01)
12. Pages Turn (Alternate Version)  (4:18)
13. Life Story  (3:04)
14. It's All Too Much (Live)  (4:27)
15. Talk All Night (Live)  (2:51)
16. She's Alright (Live)  (3:19)
17. Don't Rewind (Live)  (4:27)
18. Prophecy Written (Demo)  (5:27)
19. No Sun, No Shadow (Demo)  (5:09)
20. Only in Their Dreams (Demo)  (4:12)


  1. I remember when I was in a band I thought we were great too. Then all the crap starts creeping in and suddenly you hate each other! It's great!

  2. Thanks for the introduction. (Sigh.) So much great, new (to me) music, so little time.

  3. scurfie, what happened to the cat in the grass?

  4. MAZE, I think you'll like this one. A forgotten gem (and hard to find!)

  5. Voix, my wife likes Curly better. Plus I like change. Change is good. I guess.... lol

  6. This is one of my favourite albuns.Thanks.

  7. scurfie, only when it feels good

  8. ioannis, I love this album too. Enjoy :)

  9. Thank you very much!

  10. I really love your PU series - thanks so much voixautre! Just like Thin White Rope was, this band is a new one to me - appreciate it!

  11. Jamie (tacobueno), thanks for commenting. Comments like yours inspire me to keep the series going. I'm glad you liked 28th day

  12. PLEASE keep the series going! Until you run out of suitable albums of course....8^)

    Did I read somewhere that you had some early Thin White Rope to post also?

  13. Jamie (tacobueno), I do. I'll post those here as #32

  14. A long time has passed since I last commented here on Luna, but could not avoid the temptation even to say how much I appreciate this record and of course to say a BIG Thank U voixautre.

  15. frankroo, great to hear from you over here at luna! This is one of my favorite paisley records. I'm very glad others like it too because it set me back a small fortune to get a hold of a copy to rip to FLAC :)

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  17. Listening to this album now again... surprising how much this sounds like for example the Reivers ... another you should consider uploading... I have 3 of them End Of The Day, Saturday and Translate Slowly, all worth hearing....

  18. And to add to the fun... willfully obscure posted demos of the Reivers:
    Saturday demos:
    End of the Day demos:


    Btw.. saw I have Pop Beloved too... not as good as the other 3 ... but if you like 28th Day, you like the Reivers

  20. Just discovered this blog; what a phenomenal site. 28th Day are neat, recently heard the sunbirds (related band) which was pretty cool as well. Thanks Voix for all the effort.

  21. Any chance you could re-post an updated DL link?

  22. Reupload please? Links are dead since you know what

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