Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Church- "Constant in Opal" Video (1984)

Here's a classic from The Church's stellar Persia EP:


  1. Ah the magnificent Church. Such amazing music and intriguing lyrics i've been captivated by since about 1980 but... their videos left a lot to be desired.

    Thanks for posting though it was nice to see the boys so much younger. It has been a long ride!


  2. I interviewed them around the time this came out. Martin Ploog & Peter were lovely, but Marty & Steve were diva-ish and difficult to get decent responses from. Got the impression that they didn't take female journalists seriously.

  3. Brian, my pleasure. I'm posting the EPs next

  4. Blue Shed Thinking, thank you for commenting. They were quite young then; hopefully Kilbey and Willson-Piper grew up a bit over the years

  5. Anyone else think the beginning of this song sounds a bit like The Reels?

    I have the Persia EP on vinyl with actual lyrics printed on the back cover.

    I've always been a bit wary of Steve Kilbey's puns, though.
    Here's the *correct* spelling:

    *Inviolate town
    *Terror Novacaine


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