Friday, August 19, 2011

Ramones- Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, Dec. 31, 1977

The Ramones were a Punk band even before there was a name for such a thing, and although they weren't the only precursors to the UK Punk movement of the late seventies, few bands wielded as big of an influence on that revolutionary music scene. The following are excerpts from the Ramones' legendary UK concert on New Year's Eve 1977. Hey Ho, let's go!

Note:  For a full frontal aural assault, play all three clips simultaneously at maximum volume ;)


  1. It's Alive is quite possibly the best introduction the The Brudda's Ramone...from here you can explore all their albums, but whenever you need a reminder of just how blindingly brilliant they were, put this album on, turn up the volume and open all the windows ;))...I was lucky enough to see them many times during the 80's and 90's and each time they blew me away...

  2. AndieJames, Brudda's up next, and I'll be posting "It's Alive" on PPP in a few days

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