Saturday, September 10, 2011

John Foxx- "Underpass" Video (1980)

It amazes me how little-known John Foxx is these days. After three incredible records with the original incarnation of Ultravox, he made one of the most important albums of the eighties, Metamatic. if you've never heard it, stay tuned, because I will be posting it along with his second album in a few days.


  1. Thanks, voixautre. Clearly remixed (in 2010?). I guess there's a DVD release with the old videos. Nice. And what's up with those little orphans? They look lost in John Foxx's (video) world. Click, Click, drone.

  2. bv, I have a huge Foxx post lined up after the next installment of the VU Series. I am going to post deluxe editions of his first two solo albums

  3. Nice. Those two were the ones I really liked. It got more poppy (and redundant) after that. Not a fan so much after the first 2 albums until the Budd/Foxx stuff came along.

  4. bv, my feelings exactly. However, I will be posting as much Foxx as I can dig up on PPP

  5. Great version you've given us there Mate ^^.
    Always thought that once free of the dire ultravox that Foxx was destined for great things. Alas not so.
    Metamatic was genius, I bought the non-one's driving EP, then the vinyl album, cassette and finally a CD. Some of it's still fresh eg your youtube clip.

    Looking forward to your Foxx updates.


  6. Michael2, I agree, some of Foxx's work has aged very gracefully, some not so much. I just posted his first two solo albums a few minutes ago. Good to hear from you!


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