Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Change Concerning the Paisley Underground Series Going Forward

Hello Everyone,

A few nights ago in the midst of a migraine headache,  I came up with a new approach for the Paisley Underground Series: to alternate the series' posts between (La) luna and Plastic Palace People. The way it will work is as follows:

the Paisley posts on (La) luna will continue to feature the lengthy reviews (and pretty colours), while the Paisley posts on Plastic Palace People will feature a brief introduction followed by the goods. Simply put, I still have a huge amount of Paisley material to post, but there's only so much one can write about some of these bands. This will allow me to expedite the series, which is good for you: more Paisley-related music more often, and for me: it both lessens the writing load and shortens the life-span of this behemoth series. 

Look for Paisley Underground Series, #25 on Plastic Palace People  next week and #26 on (La) luna soon thereafter. Also, upcoming Paisley posts include: Long Ryders, Steve Wynn, Last Days of May, Chris Cacavas, 28th Day, Mazzy Star, Bangles, Green on Red, Radio Tokyo Tapes, Thin White Rope, and more.   ~voixautre


  1. Never knew the Bangles were part of the paisley. Susanna Hoffs was so freakin' hot to my junior high eyes, hee hee! I hope all the paisley peoples are well. Live long and prosper.

  2. Thank you,i wait impatiently for these.And,please,don't forget ''Valley of rain''.

  3. sunday, I'll definitely get some Giant Sand up in the near future

  4. dog and a buttefly, yes, The Bangles (originally The Bangs) were charter members of the paisley scene, and Hoffs still looks freakin' hot to my forty year old eyes

  5. First sorry to read of your migraine. Second I think this is brilliant strategy and I concur 100%. I know how hard it is to write reviews and for me a to write a good, or interesting, review is never going to happen. Thank you for all your work voixautre!

  6. scurfie, some of these Paisley bands are pretty obscure and are very difficult to research. I'm usually able to come up with something but not having to write a review for every post will help me out immensely. My plan is to do two Paisley posts per week.


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