Friday, November 15, 2013

I Have Started a New Blog

Hello everyone,

it's been well over a year since I last blogged, but I have decided to make a return. The new blog is called Only the Lonely:

The music will be similar to both Luna blogs and I plan to re-post many of the albums on those blogs, as all the links have been dead since the demise of megaupload. The filehost I have chosen is Mega. 

I truly hope to see many of my old friends, comrades and readers at the new blog. It should grow quickly. Please become followers.

I've missed all of you immensely

~ voixautre


  1. "...
    Wine in the morning
    And some breakfast at night.
    Well I'm beginning to see the light.
    Here we go again
    Playing the fool again.
    Here we go again
    Acting hard again.
    Well I'm beginning to see the light.
    Well I'm beginning to see the light.
    Very good news, I've missed you too


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